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One With Nature 1

One With Nature

Kamruzzaman Shadhin

Collaborative performance with Molani Santal Dance Group

Kamruzzaman Shadhin’s work is rooted in site specific performance practice. His Collaborative performance with Molani Santal Dance Group took place in his home village Balia in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh (most people who live in Dhaka have a home village where they are from, where their extended family still live). Within this performance the public were invited to participate by preparing Shadhin for his performance. Villagers applied Balia soil to Shadhin’s face.

In the piece, the Molange Santal Dance Group perform on the bank of the village Dighi (village ponds – Dighis have multiple uses, drinking water, bathing, washing of clothes/pans, providing fresh fish for consumption).

Shadhin is dressed only in a lungi (a woven cotton sarong, the most commonly worn piece of mens clothing in Bangladesh) bangs symbals and encants ‘to each their own religion, one with nature’ as he moves across the water on a vessel hand made with local materials.


This work can be seen to represent the complex issues surrounding ethnic and religious divisions in Bangladesh. However it is a wishful piece, the performance symbolises the artist’s hopes for people, land and nature in Thakurgaon.

Kamruzzaman Shadhin is a visual artist born and based in Bangladesh working in the mediums of installation, video and performance art. His research mostly explores social, political and environmental issues and their overlapping relationships. His projects are often created through public participation and are exhibited in public spaces where the audiences are general public and surrounding communities. He is the founder of Gidree Bawlee.


Shadhin is also a founder member of Chhobir Haat – an alternative open space for art and artists which has played an important role in the ongoing public art movement in Dhaka since 2005.


Instagram: shadhin.kamruzzaman

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